MP Solutions Inc. (MPSI) has been founded by 10 associated members who have worked in Industrial Control System area for average 10 years over by May, 2002.


As of August 2003, the shareholders are 4 persons who own 5 % to 51% shares of the paid in capital depend on each person.

MPSI does not have and is not an affiliate company.


Since the staffs have been working for the industrial control system and Industrial Information system area in the hydrocarbon industry and utility over than 7 to 20 years, all of them understands well what the customers expect/want and require in this area, and thus are doing their best to carry out their job in order to satisfy their customer.


And also the key persons of customers know MPSI’s engineers and management very well and acknowledge their capabilities and reliabilities for the workmanship and management.


MPSI is made up of the excellent engineering staffs and many of the staffs had been well trained through various DCS, PLC and control systems and have been well trained through OJT and various channels of DCS or PLC manufacturer/suppliers.


MPSI also has kept field instrument engineers who have been working their engineering job successfully based on their rich engineering technique in regards to the field instruments as well as actual project experience for many years.

Recently, with the rising market for “small monitoring & control system”, MPSI has been providing leading technical services to the customers as a solution provider.


We have been doing all the connected job successfully from the planning stage, engineering, software programming, documentation, installation, commissioning and finally to the services after sales, and are very proud of our technical power on these.

Furthermore, we are very competitive and also have reputation in this area for the fields of micro-processor based single loop controllers, multifunction controllers and conventional panel control system.


We understand that in the future, industrial structures will rapidly/widely go on to the direction of information-intensive society and the industrial control field will be closely connected with this field accordingly.


We, therefore, have been extending our business towards these fields like Plant Information System and Process Simulation system.


Respectfully Submitted,
B.R. Lee